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About Photoegg

Photoegg is a smart device that analyzes, organizes and stores photos. Your photos will be automatically synchronized and uploaded to Photoegg device when you are in a WiFi network. All photos are encrypted with personal private certificate, no one can access your photos without your private key, your photos are safe and secure in the Photoegg.

You can securely access and share your photos across smart phone, pad and laptop, via Android or iOS app from anywhere, anytime. Enjoy your photos with advanced AI technologies and bring your photos to life. Photoegg automatically analyzes photos, identify various visual features and subjects, such as: People, Places, Flowers, Foods and Things.

Photoegg has a built-in machine learning neural network that analyzes photos, learn from photos, and recommend the best photos for you based on the knowledge base she has learnt, along with maps to show geographic travel and location pins for exact places.


Back up unlimited photos at home in High Quality. Access them from any device, such as Android phone, iPhone, pad, iPad or laptop, your photos are safe, secure, and private to you at your home.


Never worry about running out of space on your phone again. Photos that are safely backed up and synchronized to Photoegg.


You can search photos by the people, places, things and more.


Automatically create collages, animations, and more from your photos. Photoegg will learn from your photos to serve you better as the number of photos increased.

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Photoegg can automatically generate a new album with the best shots after an event or trip.


Instantly share photos with any contact, wechat, weibo, or email, right from the app.


It's easier than ever to relive your memories. Get collages of photos you took a few years ago and create a theme album for a special occasion with AI technologies.


Whether you have an iPhone, Android phone or laptop, you can always view your photos and videos on your TV or smart terminal screen by connecting Photoegg to the screen.


1. Download Photoeegg app to your smart phone

2. Power on the box

3. Type in your wifi password

Done! Photoegg is life.

Never worry about your photos anymore, Photoegg will take care of every aspect of your photo experience.

About Us

Cafari Inc. is an AI startup founded by Silicon Valley veterans and graduates. The company focuses on a smart photo system, home cloud, machine learning neural network and image recognition, analysis and management. We are dedicated to AI, face recognition, classification and distributed machine learning system.

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